RPM Plastic Molding provides a “total solution” covering all aspects of custom molding: part design, tool engineering, mold making, CAD/CAM, EDM, custom injection molding, inserting, finishing and assembly.
RPM boasts a 26,000 sq. ft. plastic injection molding facility housing modern molding machinery. Many of our machines are electric hybrids and make it cost effective, providing greater precision, working faster and allowing for more control. Our press capacities range from 50 to 300 tons and shot sizes of 2 to 30 oz.
Taking full responsibility for the entire project, from engineering to prototyping to production tooling to custom molding…we work with our customers according to their total injection molding needs. New projects often start with design concepts for parts and companion tooling. Early design reviews for mold ability can save cost and development time. RPM has the experience to avoid problems, save costs and shorten time to market. Our product manufacturing services include:

•Plastic Injection Molding
•Product Development and Design
•Mold Making
•Mold Design
•Mold Repairs
•Fast Mold Changeovers
•Engineering Changes


So, what makes RPM different?

Service and the commitment to get the job done right! Mold making is still an art despite CAD/CAM technology. Years of experience designing and building molds is the main reason customers rely on RPM for their mold making and custom molding needs. With our in-house tooling department we can maintain, change and repair tooling in-house without the need to outsource. Because we understand tooling, we recognize when something is wrong and are able to readily do what is required to make the tool right. This saves the customer time and money, plus it results in better quality products.

Quality Assurance


  • Quality designed in the tooling and molding process
  • Complete inspection, first article and certifications
  • Zero defect policy and program

At RPM, molded product quality is further assured through process monitoring and control of the injection molding machine. Every product receives a 2-hour in-process inspection. Every 2 hours during production, parts are pulled for a visual inspection and key areas are measure for accuracy. To further ensure quality, our operators look at every part during production when packing it away. Poor quality parts are all set aside. Each and every aspect of the production process including trimming and packaging provide the opportunity to inspect every part. Many of RPM’s customers have a near zero tolerance policy. Our goal is to meet or exceed those expectations.
Custom molded products are inspected according to customer requirements and certifications are documented. Quality tooling is the cornerstone for precision custom molding. RPM, with years of experience in designing and building Class A injection molds, produces finished products to exacting customer requirements.