Quality tooling is the cornerstone for precision custom molding. RPM, with years of experience in designing and building Class ‘A’ injection molds, produces finished products to exacting customer requirements for a variety of industry applications such as Healthcare, Sporting Goods, Electronics, Agriculture, Consumer Products, Automotive and more.
Regardless of your industry application, RPM provides a total solution for all its customers. Only 2 months before needing their finished parts, a potential new customer approached RPM for help. They were sorely in need of getting their current tooling up to par so they could actually run, and stay in production to completion. With a solid understanding of tooling, RPM can quickly recognize when something is wrong and fix it in-house…saving time and money, and producing a better part. A well designed and engineered tool will last a long time.


>> Healthcare
>> Sporting Goods
>> Agricultural
>> Electronics
>> Consumer Products
>> Automotive

RPM Plastic Molding – Examples of Plastic Injection Molding Parts